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Great service, extremely knowledgeable, and very friendly techs. Definitely recommending to family and friends.

Jen A.

Air Max Solutions is the best of the best! Their customer care is OVER THE TOP amazing. I am a realtor and recommend them a lot and everyone raves about them. They are incredibly knowledgeable, diagnose the problem efficiently and explain your options clearly. Fabian is a super hero!

Jan Chavoya

Fast, reliable and reasonable prices!! I highly recommend Air Max!!

Billy Wigley

Great, honest people.

Sam Thomas

Tech Fabian is one of the best. Found A/C problem and repaired. Excellent Service.

Jack Renfro

Air Max came out and worked until the problem was solved, answering all of my questions and communicating well with me! Highly recommend and very pleased.

Kariss Lynch

I have used Air Max solutions for several years now. They have been great and have kept my hvac units working. Last year we had a problem with one of our units. We called several companies and Air max was the only one to say “no, I wouldn’t replace it, we can fix it for a lot cheaper and it’ll be fine.” Everyone else wanted to replace the entire unit. It is still working great. Fabian is the tech that comes out to our house and we trust him completely.

Ramsey Stone

I have been using them since 2009. They do a great job and are very knowledgeable.

Sabrina Jaber

Can’t say enough good things about this company.. Heater not working, submitted home warranty repair request. These guys were able to get out here same day, on time and communicated well. They properly diagnosed the issue, repaired it in a timely manner and left me pleased and impressed. Kudos.

Matt Smith

This company was very quick at fixing our issue with our A/C! We called our warranty company on Friday around 1pm and we were told that the first company couldn’t come out for about another 4 days or so and with Texas heat and having no A/C, no thank you! So, they ended up scheduling us with air-max instead who was able to do a 9/10am ish arrival that following day on a Saturday. We had a guy that came out and was very fast and polite and had our A/C working again after replacing a couple parts within an hour or two! After he left a few hours later I noticed our A/C wasn’t working again and gave them a call after hours. I had someone text me almost right away and offer to come out first thing in the morning again. This was a different gentleman and he was also very professional and quick with fixing our issue (it was our breaker that tripped, I know – I’m an idiot for not checking). He still replaced one additional part just to make sure we wouldn’t have anymore issues and our A/C has been blowing nice cold air ever since he finished up this morning. All the way from the lady we spoke with initially to the two techs that came out, this company is definitely one I’ll recommend. They were always polite, regardless of me being needy and took care of us! One service call payment to our warranty and we are back up and running 🙂

Tiffany F.